Guitarist Federico Miranda is a solo artist and co-founder of the pioneer Costa Rican rock band Gandhi as well as Baula Music, an independent label that promotes environmental conservation through music. Miranda works as an artist, composer, and producer, drawing from an extensive background in audio engineering and sound technology. He is known for his skillful fusion of jazz, Latin rock and nature-inspired melodies and has a music career has spanned the globe with international tours, commissioned compositions, and a broad commercial portfolio including two Costa Rica TEDx events in 2015 and 2016.

Miranda’s musical career has spanned more than two decades, launched in 1993 with the formation of Gandhi and further developed in 2005 when he started his solo career.  Miranda has released 6 albums with Gandhi and 2 albums under Baula Project, with a forthcoming 2016 In addition to 4 ACAM (Association of Music Composers and Authors of Costa Rica) awards as a member of Gandhi and 2 for Baula Project, Miranda was awarded “Best Original Music” at the 2012 Costa Rican International Film Festival for his contribution to El Regreso by Hernán Jiménez. ). He has collaborated with the likes of Perrozompopo (Nicaragua), two-time Grammy winner Walter Flores (Costa Rica), and DJ/producer Norio Takeda (Japan) and shared the stage with Café Tacuba (Mexico), La Ley (Chile), and Jamiroquai (UK). Miranda frequently contributes to film and multimedia, including Italia 90 (2014, full length, musical composition), Fickle or Fair (2013, short, musical supervision), and Entonces Nosotros (2016, full length, musical supervision).

Miranda was influenced by the arts from a young age, starting guitar at age 12 and developing his skills through classical and jazz theory as well as academic study. Miranda’s thesis on Reverberation and Delay Effects of Digital Signal Processing from the University of Costa Rica set a path for the convergence of music and engineering, with continued computer program studies in musical acoustics, audio programming, and digital processing from the likes of Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics and the Georgia Institute of Technology. In 2008, Miranda attended the Berklee Online School for a Specialist Certificate in Electronic Music Projection, and most recently, Miranda received his MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership at Steinbeis University in 2011.

Miranda’s musical accolades with his passion for nature and marine conservation merge with his instrumental solo work, Baula Project, under his own independent label Baula Music. His melodic and minimalist electric guitar melodies are intended to send a message of awareness about baulas, or leatherback turtles, an endangered species that nests on the beaches of Guanacaste.


Today, Miranda divides himself between solo work and collaborations as well as composition and production for TV, documentaries, film and commercials. He is an active member of